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Advanced Ballistic Performance

We specialize in high-performance munitions for self defense, hunting, subsonic & tactical applications using the latest technology in powder metal ballistics

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  • Fragments in Soft Tissue
  • Permanent Wound Channel
  • Wider Damage Area

Allegiance is designed to be more explosive in soft tissue by using different blends of powder metal with certain binders, allowing for a specific degree of frangibility when it impacts in soft fluid filled tissue creating an expanding rotational cone of metallic particles causing a wider vertical and horizontal wound cavity. 

  • Disintegrates on Impact
  • Reduced Risk of Ricochet
  • Less Over-Penetration
  • Reduced Backsplash

Allegiance projectiles are designed to either disintegrate on impact on hard surfaces, or fragment as it passes through light barriers, greatly reducing a ricochet which can cause injury or death to bystanders. Allegiance is perfect for sensitive areas and metal enclosures.