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Effective for Hunting, Self Defense and Training

Fragments in Soft Tissue

OneStrike is designed to be more explosive in soft tissue and on most common light barriers which makes it excellent for home protection and sensitive areas.

The body is made up of 75%+ of fluid. As far as a bullet is concerned a soft target is nothing more than an electronic pressurized walking water cavity. It is the pressurized fluid that makes our frangible core fragment even in the softest body areas. This massive fragmentation creates wider permanent wound channels which causes more shock than the central nervous system can handle which causes it to shut down quicker, stopping the threat sooner than just letting it bleed out. As you can see in the videos, Allegiance projectiles starts fragmenting within 1 – 2 inches inside the gel block. This causes instant shock trauma to the central nervous system.

PowerStrike 300BO 123gr | OneStrike 556 55gr | OneStrke 9mm 70gr | SilentStrike 9mm 130gr | PowerStrike 308 123gr

Allegiance PowerStrike 308 135gr is one awesome round. Lead free, frangible, no exit, no ricochet. Massive tissue damage that stops the threat instantly.

This is the OneStrike 223 55gr fragging through a home computer and then showing how well it destroys gel/tissue.

OneStrike is excellent for home protection. If you’re using an AR to guard your castle then you NEED OneStrike in it. If you’re using any standard lead core or solid bullet then you’re carrying a liability because that bullet will travel through furniture walls and could end up in the neighbors house next doors. OneStrikes super frangible core is designed to frag easily on barriers and through 1/2 sheetrock walls.

In case you miss, you don’t have to worry about that bullet going through multiple rooms and possibly killing or injuring a family member

PowerStrike 9mm 95gr – PowerStrike is designed to achieve deep controlled fragmenting penetration in case it has to  reach vital organs through heavy thick bone or thick clothing. Because it is a powder metal core it will still fragments if and when it hits only pressurized fluid filled tissue. Truly a smart bullet.

Fragments on Hard Targets

Allegiance uses different blends of powder metal with certain binders, allowing for a specific degree of frangibility on hard targets.

SilentStrike 308 230gr | 223 115gr | 300BO 230gr – Fragments back to powder metal dust.

5.56 80gr 1675FPS | 7.62×39 136gr 1350FPS | 300BO 135gr 1350FPS – 3mm stainless steel does not crack pipe at 10 ft. OneStrike, the ULTIMATE round for home protection, sensitive areas and metal enclosures.

SilentStrike – Full cycling, jacketed frangible, subsonic ammo that is safe to use in a suppressor.

Wider Damage Circumference

1000s upon 1000s of jagged 90 micron, powder metal, particle driven would channels can make an awesome, wide wound cavity.

WARNING: The following images and videos may be offensive to some.

Allegiance fragmenting powder metal core is designed to explode into an expanding rotational cone of minute 90 micron metal particles which create a much larger and permanent wound cavity that the body cannot recover from. Conventional lead core jhp or solid type projectiles will tear tissue as it passes through the body. The body has a certain amount of elasticity that will allow it to stretch and contract back as the bullet is passing through which causes very little damage. Old school thinking is hoping how soon the threat bleeds out to stop the attack. While you’re waiting the threat can still fight or shoot back causing injury or possible death. Allegiance Advanced Ballistic Technology is designed to create tremendous tissue damage so that it shuts the central nervous system down from shock overload which is the quickest way to stop the threat. Shut the central nervous system down and the fight is over.

3D model of bullet fragments creating a larger wound cavity. Expanding rotational metal cone captured through a barrier. No round can create the shock and damage that Allegiance can.

This is a 9mm PowerStrike 95gr. It was fired in a gel block that was cut in half, showing how fine the minute powder particles are. That is 1000s upon 1000s of jagged 90 micron powder metal particles which can make an awesome wide, perminiate wound cavity.

HogStrike – The ultimate round for hunting large and dangerous game.

We were able to catch this on a surface on the other side of a barrier. This shows for a fact that we do have the expanding rotational cone of metallic particles. If you look at the 2-4 o’clock position you can see blades. When the bullet begins to fragment, it is turning like an expanding blade of power metal. This is why we can kill so well.

Permanent Wound Channel

The rotational cone of metallic particles, turning like an expanding blade of powder metal, creates devastating, permanent wound channels.

Allegiance Powder Metal Ballistic Technology creates a massive permanent wound cavity with thousands of multi directional wound channels. When the bullet hits the soft fluid filled tissue and begins to fragment, it picks up the surrounding damaged tissue and rams it forward being aided from the Pressurized fluid which EXPONENTIALLY increases the frontal area of the shock wave and wound cavity causing increased hydrostatic shock.

This large hydrostatic shock wave helps creates  the permanent multi directional wound cavity which causes massive shock trauma to the central nervous system shutting it down from overload.

This is our 9mm OneStrike. A picture-perfect preminent wide wound cavity.

Allegiance SilentStrike 45ACP 230gr – This is Awesome Silent Power. 230gr of Fragmenting Tungsten Powder Metal that creates massive wound channels not just a channel. This shuts the threat down quicker.