SilentStrike is made from a dense tungsten compressed powder metal. The high density of the core gives SS the ability to penetrate thick clothing/hide heavy bone to reach the vitals. Once inside and impacting against the fluid filled tissue the frangible core is designed to begin fragmenting in vertical and horizontal directions creating a multi directional permanent wound cavity. This creates massive shock trauma to the central nervous and shuts it down from overload. This is quicker and more efficient than the old school bleed out which allows the threat to stay in the fight and possibly shoot back injuring or killing more people. SilentStrike is the worlds only Frangible Subsonic round that is safe to shoot in suppressors and won’t blow up as with other frangibles.

SilentStrike is the solution when Quiet and Lethal Performance is required for a successful hunt or mission.


I bought 1 box of SilentStrike 110gr subsonic that was supposed to cycle the gun. My first attempt the gun would not cycle by pushing the bolt back enough to pick up another round. I was very frustrated after paying over 45.00 dollars a box including shipping and the ammo not working. I called the factory and got a hold of Mr Mullins who very calmly and politely went through the whole operation to track down the problem. We determined to change to a Springco white spring. When it arrived I went to the range and swaped them out. It would cycle but wouldn’t lock back. I called the factory and again and was able to get a hold of Mr Mullins and he suggested swapping to a standard buffer. I went right then to the local dealer and bought one and come back to the range to try it out. Once I did that my gun worked perfect. I was able to shoot standard ammo and the Silentstrike subsonic ammo without changing anything. The other people at the range couldn’t believe what they were seeing and not hearing. A very satsified customer. Will recommend it.

Allen from Texas, Ammo: SilentStrike

I bought 2 boxes of the full functioning subsonic 110gr for my 12inch AR. Worked right out of the box as fast as I could pull the trigger. This stuff is super quite fully functions and isn’t as dirty as ****** subsonic ammo plus it dont YAW.

John from South Carolina, Ammo: SilentStrike

My side job is to keep the deer and hogs out of the city since they are becoming a hazard causing wrecks and destroying property so noise and the bullet working is a major concern. I used the Silentstrike 110gr subsonic to hunt hogs and deer with.  I hunt at night and was already in place when the deer starting coming out. 7 deer came into the lower part of a mans yard. I shot the first deer in the head below the ear. It dropped. But what was so amazing the other deer just stood there. I shot the next deer, it dropped. The other deer would look around but was at no time alarmed.  Thought I would try my luck again and shot another deer. It dropped but the deer kept grazing. I shot the other deer until they were all on the ground. I was amazed the deer stood there while the others was dropping. When we pulled up to load the deer the land owner came to check on who was on his property and could not believe we shot 7 deer right outside his house and he didnt hear it. Its quiet and it woks great. Im a beleiver.

Anonymous, Ammo: SilentStrike

I heard about the Silentstrike 223 being a full cycling subsonic round. Couldn’t wait to try out a box. It works in my AR cycled just fine really quiet and not as dirty as the other stuff I have used. I will be buying more Good Stuff.

Anonymous, Ammo: SilentStrike