OneStrike is a CQB limited range, limited penetration (L2RP) round designed for use inside and around sensitive areas such as electrical and nuclear power plants, metal enclosures like ships submarines, and high crowd areas like court rooms, schools, VIP protection or hospitals or churches where shooting through a soft target or structure or causing a ricochet could spell disaster. With its H.E.T. (High Energy Transfer) frangible core, this round depending upon caliber and mission requirement will fragment on extreme light barriers down to a 3mm thin stainless steel pipe with a direct hit at just 10 feet, or fragment as it passes through the structure or light barrier depending completely upon the mission requirement. OneStrike is is designed to be more explosive going through certain light barriers so it doesn’t continue to travel through walls and possibly injuring or killing an innocent bystander in another room which makes it the perfect round for home protection. In soft tissue OneStrike is designed to fragment completely within the first 5-6 inches of soft tissue. In doing so this creates an extreme frontal permanent multi directional wound cavity that creates massive shock trauma that shuts down the central nervous system quickly stopping the threat. OneStrike can be designed and built for other calibers such as 300AAC or 7.62×39. OneStrike can be produced in lead and lead free materials. please call for more info.


I bought 1 box of the 223 one strike 55gr ammo for home protection. I live in the country where we are sometimes visited by other 4 legged critters. For sometime I was noticing the dog food that I put out at night for my dogs was going a miss along with a strong skunk smell.  I started watching more careful. Later one night I heard something on the back porch the dogs were barking, I looked through the window and lo and behold there it was was the stripped thief enjoying the buffet. I had the AR close to me and begin to slowly and quietly open the screen door. Once it was open wide enough and drew down on the varment. My brain didnt engage soon enough before I pulled the trigger. BOOM! A red mist of stink went everywhere. I spent the remaining night and all the next day trying to clean up my learning curve. Feel free to use this because of the humor in it just please just dont put my name on it. So do not ever for any reason use onestrike on a skunk

Stinky Dan from Kentucky, Ammo: OneStrike