Allegiance uses state of the art Powder Metal Technology to enhance ammo ballistics in safety and performance. PowerStrike is a compressed powder metal core inside a copper jacket that has all the reliability and durability of any standard JHP or ball round. Having the protection of the copper jacket allows the powder metal core to be compacted at a lower pressure so that it is more explosive when it hits soft fluid filled tissue which is what causes the frangible core to fragment. The secret to Allegiance violent fragmentation is pressurized fluid. As far as terminal ballistics is concerned your body is nothing more than a electronic pressurized walking water cavity.

When the bullet hits the soft fluid filled tissue and begins to fragment, the expansion from the fragmentation of the minute powder particles picks up the loose surrounding damaged tissue and rams it forward being aided from the massive fluid expansion which EXPONENTIALLY increases the frontal area of the shock wave and wound cavity causing increased hydrostatic shock. This large hydrostatic shock wave creates a huge permanent multi directional wound cavity which causes extreme shock trauma to the central nervous system shutting it down from overload. This is more efficient, quicker and more humane in stopping a threat or harvesting an animal.


I bought a box of 9mm 95gr Powerstrike. I wanted to try it on a hog hunt. Shot a 200lb hog 1 shot through the shoulder and dropped it. The guide couldn’t believe a 9mm dropped a hog with 1 shot. I recommend it.

Anonymous, Ammo: PowerStrike