HogStrike 308 Winchester 140gr 2750 FPS




HogStrike 308 140gr Winchester 2750 FPS ammo is the hardest hitting hunting ammo that you can put in your chamber. Unlike a solid type bullet that can shoot through or not strong enough to penetrate, HogStrike 308 140gr 2750 FPS uses state of the art Advanced Powder Metal Technology to give fragmenting penetration as it easily penetrates through thick hide and bone to reach the soft fluid filled vital organs  where it deposits 100% of the total energy into the tissue.

Using Scientifically Advanced Ballistic Technology in the HogStrike 308 Winchester 140gr 2750 FPS Allegiance has engineered a Bi-dense Powdered Metal frangible core that easily penetrates  through thick hide and bone.


Once inside and impacting against the soft fluid filled vitals the fragmenting core creates both a horizontally and vertically expanding rotational cone of metal particles that creates a massive permanent wound channel and fragments releasing all the rounds energy inside the target making a massive permanent wound channel. Allegiance shuts down the animal/threat in 2 ways. 1- through quick massive tissue damage, 2- causing the central nervous system to shut down from extreme overload putting the animal or threat down quickly and humanly stopping them in their tracks. HogStrike, no exit, total energy transfer, no ricochet, lead free, no tracking, no loss game, works in both AR10 and bolt gun platforms. HogStrike is the Ultimate hunting round for large and Dangerous game

No other round is going to stop them as hard and fast as HogStrike. Insure the success of your next hunt with HogStrike!


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

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