PowerStrike 38 Special-L 95gr 1048 FPS 20 rds per box


Powerstrike 38 Special 90gr is designed to give massive fragmentation in tissue with low recoil


PowerStrike 38 Special-L 95gr 1048 FPS is a jacketed heavy granular powdered lead core round designed with my 87 year old mother in mind to be able to stop any threat trying to break into her house by creating as much damage as possible, with as little recoil as possible.

To accomplish this we use a special heavy lead granular  particle size blended with just enough binder to give it plenty of strength down the barrel but designed to be super frangible/expansive inside of soft fluid filled tissue creating massive tissue damage. At 1048 FPS PowerStrike 38-L 95gr has a very mild easily managed recoil even out of snub nose revolvers.PowerStrike 38 Special-L 95gr 1048 FPS raises the 38 snubbie into an efficient self defense round for CQB urban home protection situations.

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