PowerStrike 9MM 70gr 1575 FPS


The Ultimate round for personal protection



Allegiance introduces the ultimate 9mm round for CQB, home defense sensitive and high crowd areas, around and inside metal enclosures. When barrier penetration is not a concern but over penetration could be a major catastrophe, PowerStrike 9mm 70gr 1575FPS delivers the perfect combination of safe frangibility no ricochet characteristics on  hard surfaces with the ability to fragment as it passes through most light barriers so as not to have lethal ability in the event of a shoot through over penetrate situation. PowerStrike 9mm 70gr 1575 FPS has the ability to fragment back to powder metal as it passes through  common household, industrial, appliances to prevent lethal shoot throughs. With its State of the Art Powder Metal Technology frangible core PowerStrike 9MM 70gr 1575 FPS delivers massive expanding fragmentation inside of soft fluid filled tissue to create shock trauma to the central nervous system stopping the threat. Safety and performance all in one round.