SilentStrike 300AAC 150gr 1020FPS 20rd per box


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Worlds Lightest Frangible Full Cycling Subsonic that frags in tissue even at subsonic velocities.

No Shoot Through, No Ricochet, Massive Energy Transfer

In stock (can be backordered)


In times past subsonic technology was as heavy a bullet as you could get since the velocity was limited to below the speed of sound which typically is below 1100 FPS depending upon elevation. The only way left to get energy was to have the bullet as heavy as you could get. The problem with that is it created a major over penetration problem in barriers and tissue. Going super slow gave easily deep penetration but with no real shock trauma or damage to tissue. Case in point the 9mm 147 sub was a really good easy round to make run sub but because of the speed/low energy there was very little damage ever done in tissue. Well that was then and SilentStrike is now. Using state of the art powder metal technology we have achieved the best of both worlds. A true subsonic that cycles and fragments in tissue.

SilentStrike 300AAC 150gr 1020FPS is the worlds lightest Jacketed Frangible Full Cycling subsonic round that will operate the AR weapon platform at 1020 FPS in semi and full auto.The high density Heavy Granular Lead particles gives SilentStrike 300AAC 150gr-L 1020FPS the ability to penetrate thick clothing/hide heavy bone to reach the vitals. Once inside and impacting against the fluid filled tissue the frangible core is designed to begin fragmenting in vertical and horizontal directions creating a massive multi directional permanent expansive wound cavity. This creates tremendous tissue and  shock trauma to the central nervous and shuts the threat down from overload. This is quicker and more efficent than the old school bleed out which allows the threat to stay in the fight and possibly shoot back injuring or killing more people.

SilentStrike is the worlds only Frangible Subsonic round that is safe to shoot in suppressors and won’t blow up as with other frangibles. No modifications to the host weapon is needed. Because SilentStrike is a powder metal core it will fragment on surfaces that would cause lead bullets to ricochet making it ideal for around sensitive areas and metal enclosures.

SilentStrike 300AAC 150gr 1020FPS delivers stealth performance whether the user is a varmint hunter or LE personnel in an Urban CQB environment where covert and silent lethal performance is needed to ensure a successful mission.

SilentStrike is produced in 9mm 140gr, 45ACP 185gr,  5.56 95gr,  5.56 110gr, 556 130gr,  7.62×39 150gr,  300AAC 150gr, 308B 150gr (Bolt Gun Only),

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