SilentStrike 556 100gr Hybrid Subsonic


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


SilentStrike raises the bar even higher with our  556 Full Cycling Hybrid Subsonic ammo. With over 17 years of developing 556 full cycling  subsonic ammo Allegiance has created a Hybrid metal powder blend that gives the shooter increased subsonic performance at a lower cost. SilentStrike 556 100gr Hybrid Subsonic is a specially blended heavy Hybrid lead powder with other heavy metals to give weight for function, frangibility in tissue, and mailability in the barrel for reduced wear. SilentStrike 556 100gr Hybrid Subsonic has the correct center of gravity incorporating the  subsonic nose profile to give 100M+ accuracy with no YAW. SilentStrike 100gr Hybrid operates with or without a suppressor, in semi and full auto mode. SilentStrike 100gr HyBrid is a Jacketed Powdered Metal round. Because its jacketed it is safe to use in a suppressor. It will not blow apart as other frangibles do. Because its a frangible core it is safe to use inside shoot houses, metal enclosures, in and around sensitive and high crowd areas. SilentStrike can be fired directly on steel even at point blank range without causing a ricochet or damage to the steel target. The round will fragment back to powder metal dust upon impact.

Cycling 556 subsonic has a narrow tolerance margin of operation. The gun must have the correct buffer spring, buffer rod and barrel.  We recommend  using a Sprinco WHITE spring, standard buffer, the barrel must be NATO chambered throated correctly 1/7 twist. If you have a 14 to 16″ a carbine gas is needed, below 14′ a pistol gas is required. With this setup SilentStrike will run 7″-16″ platforms. 85-90% of the 16″ AR15s out there has this setup. If for some reason your gun doesn’t run we can easily help you tune it. Most will take a simple spring or buffer replacement to make it run Quiet. We can recommend a barrel maker to make sure you get the correct spec needed.  SilentStrike is produced under strict quality control  and is designed to fit a NATO spec chamber/throat. If your bolt does not fully lock up that means you have a 223 Rem or Wylde chamber and IT WILL NOT WORK in a 223 Rem or Wylde chamber. Because you have an AR15 does not mean you have a NATO chamber.

SilentStrike is excellent for hunting. It allows the hunter to take shots without alarming the other animals, which is a great asset when hunting varmints. For LE and military operations that needs maximum  yet lethal stealth for a successful mission. SilentStrike allow the operator to fire quietly eliminating a potential threat/guard or take out a light without giving away their position. SilentStrikes Hybrid metal core is designed to fragment in tissue at the lower velocity which can create a larger wound cavity for quicker incapacitation of the threat. Because it has  limited range and most SilentStrike is excellent for Urban CQB.

Because of the increased number in 556 SBRs please specify if you will be shooting it in a 7 or 16′ gun




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