SILENTSTRIKE 7.62X39 200GR 1050 FPS 20rds per box


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\SilentStrike 7.62X39 200GR 1050 FPS is the worlds only Jacketed Frangible Full Cycling subsonic round that will operate the AK weapon platform at 975 FPS in semi and full auto. SilentStrike 7.62X39 200GR 1050 FPS  is the worlds only Frangible round that is safe to use in suppressors and that will not blow apart like other frangible rounds do.

SilentStrike 7.62X39 200GR 1050 FPS  uses a dense compressed powder metal core we achieve core densities that allows the round to generate sufficient gas pressure to operate the weapon at 975 FPS. No modifications to the host weapon is needed. The dense tungsten core allows SilentStrike to penetrate through thick bone and hide to reach the vitals. Even at the lower velocity depending upon the caliber and shot placement SilentStrike has a certain amount of frangibility in soft tissue that helps create a larger wound cavity to stop the threat sooner. Because SilentStrike is a powder metal core it will fragment on surfaces that would cause lead bullets to ricochet making it ideal for around sensitive areas and metal enclosures.

SILENTSTRIKE 7.62X39 200GR 1050 FPS delivers whether the user is a varmint hunter or LE personnel in an Urban CQB environment where stealth and silent lethal performance is needed to ensure a successful mission.

SilentStrike is produced in 9mm 135gr, 45ACP 230gr, 5.56 110gr, 556 130gr,  7.62×39 200gr,  300AAC 140gr, 300AAC 200gr,


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