You were correct in my gas port being off. Got it drilled out to the size you said and the bolt locks back on the last round and works really quiet. 

Steven Fom NM

After getting the Sprinco White spring and changing buffers out your ammo ran like a singer sewing machine even in full auto. Will be buying more. I recommend it. 

Ted from Fl

This ammunition is by far the best for EDC use. Responding to a call for help one day. When entered a room came head to head with a 47 pound rabid dog that was feeling trapped and by far not happy. With just enough time to draw, point and press prior to this animal attacking me,  I managed to get one well placed lethal round off. Sad as it is to have to a animal down because of human neglect the one 9mm round did exactly as designed. Mass trauma without exiting.

Thank you Jeff for taking dedicated defense and duty ammunition to this level. 

Shane from Pa

I have to admit I was reluctant to try it especially at the price of 40.00 a box but i wanted to get the most our of my can. UPS lost the package, so somewhat frustrated I call the company and was able to get through to an actual person and didnt have to go through a bunch of online clicks. The person was very helpful in getting me taken care of. So I thought well at least the customer service is descent. when the box finally arrived I went to the range there next day figuring I was going to be disappointed. much to my surprise the first was so quiet I thought and my buddy beside me thought it was a squib. My heart dropped. Cleared the gun checked it clear barrel. Same thing happened on the next 3 rounds. After that I continued to pull the trigger until the full 20rd mag was empty. No malfunctions, no crossway bullets nice round holes. It worked in both my 16inch ARs. I recommend it and will be buying more. Thank you

Dan from Tx, Allegiance Ammo

When you said the 110gr would put the hog down I didnt believe you. But sure enough 1 shot through the shoulder and the hog stopped dead in its tracks.

Joe From Ga, Ammo: HogStrike 223 110gr

I bought 1 box of SilentStrike 110gr subsonic that was supposed to cycle the gun. My first attempt the gun would not cycle by pushing the bolt back enough to pick up another round. I was very frustrated after paying over 45.00 dollars a box including shipping and the ammo not working. I called the factory and got a hold of Mr Mullins who very calmly and politely went through the whole operation to track down the problem. We determined to change to a Springco white spring. When it arrived I went to the range and swaped them out. It would cycle but wouldn’t lock back. I called the factory and again and was able to get a hold of Mr Mullins and he suggested swapping to a standard buffer. I went right then to the local dealer and bought one and come back to the range to try it out. Once I did that my gun worked perfect. I was able to shoot standard ammo and the Silentstrike subsonic ammo without changing anything. The other people at the range couldn’t believe what they were seeing and not hearing. A very satsified customer. Will recommend it.

Allen from Texas, Ammo: SilentStrike

I bought a box of 9mm 95gr Powerstrike. I wanted to try it on a hog hunt. Shot a 200lb hog 1 shot through the shoulder and dropped it. The guide couldn’t believe a 9mm dropped a hog with 1 shot. I recommend it.

Anonymous, Ammo: PowerStrike

It did exactly what you said it would. We killed 8 big sized hogs with the 223 hogstrike all was 1 shot drops, none of them ram more than 15 to 20 yards. 4 of them dropped in their tracks, 2 were shot in the gut. 4 were shot in the shoulder. We had our doubts since we have seen 44 mag not penetrate the shoulder but it blew big ass hole through the shoulder and the guts looked like they went through a meat grinder. a buddy was using 308 shot one in the gut and the hog ran off and we never got him. Laughed at him all night cause he was saying the powder bullet was BS. He will be switching to allegiance and we dont plan on using anything else. your stuff works just like you say.

Hank from Tenessee, Ammo: HogStrike

bought 2 boxes of the full functioning subsonic 110gr for my 12inch AR. Worked right out of the box as fast as I could pull the trigger. This stuff is super quite fully functions and isn’t as dirty as ****** subsonic ammo plus it dont YAW.

John from South Carolina, Ammo: SilentStrike

I bought 1 box of the 223 one strike 55gr ammo for home protection. I live in the country where we are sometimes visited by other 4 legged critters. For sometime I was noticing the dog food that I put out at night for my dogs was going a miss along with a strong skunk smell.  I started watching more careful. Later one night I heard something on the back porch the dogs were barking, I looked through the window and lo and behold there it was was the stripped thief enjoying the buffet. I had the AR close to me and begin to slowly and quietly open the screen door. Once it was open wide enough and drew down on the varment. My brain didnt engage soon enough before I pulled the trigger. BOOM! A red mist of stink went everywhere. I spent the remaining night and all the next day trying to clean up my learning curve. Feel free to use this because of the humor in it just please just dont put my name on it. So do not ever for any reason use onestrike on a skunk

Stinky Dan from Kentucky, Ammo: OneStrike

I heard about the Silentstrike 223 being a full cycling subsonic round. Couldn’t wait to try out a box. It works in my AR cycled just fine really quiet and not as dirty as the other stuff I have used. I will be buying more Good Stuff.

Lester F Fl Ammo: SilentStrike

Me and a friend went out the other night, I was using the 223 Hogstrike 80gr and he was using 6.8. We came up on 3 average size hogs average for Tx 250 – 300 lb. We were going to try and shoot all three. Countd off 321 and shot mine dropped dead his took off I was able to get on the third hog on the run and shot him in the side. He dropped and rolled. We tracked the 6.8 hog and got another shot on him through the shoulder and the hog took off again. I shot him on the run and dropped the hog. My buddy claims the 2nd shot done him in but he was running to fast like he had never been shot. When we open them up the internals was mush. Didnt look like we lost much meat, never seen anything that does that much damage and drop a hog that fast. I highly recommend it.

Tom from Texas, Ammo: HogStrike

My side job is to keep the deer and hogs out of the city since they are becoming a hazard causing wrecks and destroying property so noise and the bullet working is a major concern. I used the Silentstrike 110gr subsonic to hunt hogs and deer with.  I hunt at night and was already in place when the deer starting coming out. 7 deer came into the lower part of a mans yard. I shot the first deer in the head below the ear. It dropped. But what was so amazing the other deer just stood there. I shot the next deer, it dropped. The other deer would look around but was at no time alarmed.  Thought I would try my luck again and shot another deer. It dropped but the deer kept grazing. I shot the other deer until they were all on the ground. I was amazed the deer stood there while the others was dropping. When we pulled up to load the deer the land owner came to check on who was on his property and could not believe we shot 7 deer right outside his house and he didnt hear it. Its quiet and it woks great. Im a beleiver.

Anonymous, Ammo: SilentStrike

Just tried the 95 110 and 130 in my 16 inch upper and they all worked fantastic, great product and great customer service. Thank you.

Joe from Ga